Track Status - Practice



Members can only practice by appointment and MUST ring and book the day before they wish to practice, you cannot just turn up and practice. Non-Members will need to contact the Club to make arrangements for access to practice if a Club Member will be attending practice.

If you hand over practice to someone else please make a note in the track diary and that person will then be responsible for returning the key and track diary to Darren Chick.

Members will need to observe the new Practice Policy. Flags and a Fire Extinguisher are stored in the fuel shed and are to be placed at the end of the grid exit while karts are practicing.

You can make an appointment for practice by phoning Darren Chick on 0409 965 080.


Practice Fees

Members $20
Non-members $40

Practice on the weekend of a race meeting is FREE.

Always check to see if the track is open. Click here to contact us